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What’s a Graphic Recorder?


A Graphic Recorder is a visual note-taker who captures your conversation in real time using stunning hand-drawn graphics and lettering.


The resulting chart can be shared with participants, stakeholders, and customers to keep the conversation going and propel your project onward.

Graphic Recording:

​🧰   makes meetings more dynamic and creative

🧰   helps synthesize ideas and themes

🧰   democratizes meetings, so everyone's voice has an equal opportunity to be amplified


"Dayna was observant, patient, and thorough in the way she captured the information shared by over 60 people at the community workshop. She arrived early and was flexible with the space we had while also checking in with community leaders and myself about the direction we hoped the image would take. She worked hard to capture the information and the community was very pleased with the final product. Most community members had never experienced a graphic notetaker at work, so it was really great to have Dayna there."

— Diana Zuniga - Los Angeles County Department of Health Services

"Dayna really captured the dynamism of the talk. Brilliant!"

— Che Johnson - MA, AMFT

"As the owner of a local tutoring company, I was completely new to the design world and felt overwhelmed. Thank goodness for Dayna! It was as if she had pulled the layout and theme from my head, put it to paper, and improved it. Not only was she a joy to work with, but she also provided valuable insight and guidance throughout the process. I could not have done this without her and our students LOVE her work."

— Hesley Harps - Archimedes Academics

Dayna with ATI Nov 2019.JPG
Dayna digitsl recording LAPP Nov 2022.JPG
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